Strong Box owners

The “Strong Box” was created by B.L. Industries and was established in Morden, Manitoba, in 1969 through a partnership of brothers Bill and John Fehr. In 1992, the company relocated to Walhalla, ND, to better serve its Red River Valley customers. Since then, it has been relocated to Park River, ND, under the manufacturing of Safe-T-Pull in 2017.

Strong box started with end-dump beds and transitioned to focus more on live-bottoms as the need grew. It is most known for its triple strand chain and flap trailers that are as durable as they are simple. Recently, Safe-T-Pull has improved on the design and released a positive-drive continuous belt trailer that is becoming extremely popular with potato and vegetable growers.

We at Safe-T-Pull are proud to carry on the Strong Box name through its 50-year anniversary and promise to continue to bring superior quality and innovative designs for decades to come.