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Converter Dolly

   Introducing our new product the "Converter Dolly". We have heard it called many names such as dolly, jo-dog, converter, and jeep. Regardless, it allows you to hook a field tractor up to a semi trailer to load it in the field and return it to the headland without dragging semi's through the mud or other unfavorable conditions. Help reduce compaction, ruts, and headaches on your farm.

   This system is a cost effective way to load first cutting hay if the conditions are wet without rutting up a field. It is also great for farms who have a lot of sand and want to run semis but do not want to pull trucks or have the extra handling on their crops. 

Standard Features
  • Articulating Bull Pull hitch

  • Easily removable hitch

    • 5,000 lb trailer jack​

  • 22,500 lb Meritor idler axles

  • Hutchinson spring suspension

  • Overbuilt steel main frame

    • Powder coated finish

  • Fenders with mud flaps​

  • Holland 5th Wheel

  • DOT & slow moving vehicle markings

Additional Options
  • 8" - 5th wheel hydraulic raise

  • LED tail light package

  • Electric brakes for dolly

  • 3 trailer air-brake options:

    • Glad hands with on/off valve (only releases emergency brakes)

    • Jumper hoses (tractor needs an air supply system)

    • On-board hydraulic over air system to release emergency brakes & use service brakes

Several customers have reached out to us in the past year looking for a better way to pull semi trailers under unfavorable conditions, here are a few examples:
1. Squash grower looking to pull a steady 1.2 mph and the semi can't keep a steady pace especially in sand and hills. 
2. Potato grower wanting to expand into semis, away from straight trucks, but not wanting to bruise with extra handling of carts. Also finding help and hiring enough drivers that are experienced enough to pull semis in sandy fields.
3. Wet conditions in 1st cutting alfalfa and trucks rutting up a crop that would otherwise grow for 3 more cuttings if unharmed. 
4. Carrot grower using a crop cart but looking to add another option to keep the harvester going while the crop cart is unloading. 
5. Onion grower looking for cost effective way to keep custom haulers semi-tractors out of the field to avoid hefty fees to have haulers enter the field. 
6. Grower who stores grain in Ag Bags out in the field but mud and snow conditions are unfavorable to bring a semi out in the field. 

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