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Positive Drive Smooth BelT

Bulk Beds & Trailers

Simplify your Harvest

      Our new continuous belt option is still positive drive giving you a more even product flow, reduces skinning & no belt slippage. The proven plastic drag floor eliminates the hassle of replacing rollers or bearings!​

     The rubber profile belting along with a skirt board seal guarantees our belting is the best on the market. Its attention to detail like this that really sets STP Manufacturing's products apart from the competition.

Belt Photo.jpg
Keep small grains & dirt out!
Strong Box Unique Features
  • Obstruction-free interior

  • DOT approved bumpers

  • Aerodynamic enclosed side walls

  • Consistent, smooth & gentle discharge

  • 3/16" Prairie Slide liner on slopes

  • Small grains seal kit standard on all

  • 81XH chain & continuous rubber belt

  • Double planetary gear box drive system

  • Minimal maintenance with only 3 bearings

  • No rollers or friction drive belts to maintain

Grey Bulk Bed Iso.jpg
Bulk Bed Features
  • Box lengths of 20' up to 26'

  • Side wall heights of 66" or 72"

  • Hydraulic side door

    • In cab operator console​

  • Ladder & lookout landing

    • Scraper holder built in

  • Positive-drive continuous rubber (30")

  • Special paint or top-coat jobs

    • Metallic, multi-color, & decals​

  • Box mounting & installation hardware

    • Fenders and mud flaps​​

  • Shur-Co tarp systems available

  • LED tail lights

Red Semi Trailer Iso3.jpg
Strong Box Trailer Options
  • Lengths from 38' up to 53'

  • Side wall height options

  • 60", 66", 72" & mix match ​

  • Rubber belted chain width options​

    • 30" or 36"

  • 2-speed Holland landing gear

  • Spring or Air-Ride suspension

  • LED tail lights

  • In cab operator console

  • Multiple axles configurations

    • ABS on one axle

  • Super single with aluminum rims​

  • Full opening hydraulic rear gate

    • Customizable options​

  • PTO wet kit systems

    • Electric over hydraulic drives

    • Gas over hydraulic drives

  • Shur-Co tarp systems

    • Manual or Automatic​

  • Professional finishing from auto body

    • Metallic, multi-color, & decals​

  • Automatic rear door linkage​

    • Turns belt on as door opens​

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