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Building quality truck boxes for 50 years!

     The “Strong Box” was created by B.L. Industries and was established in Morden, Manitoba, in 1969 thorough a partnership of brothers Bill and John Fehr. In 1992, the company relocated to Walhalla, N.D., to better serve its Red River Valley customers. Since then it has been relocated to Park River, ND under the manufacturing of Safe-T-Pull Inc in 2017.

     Safe-T-Pull Inc also manufactures the Crop Shuttle, Slingshot Kinetic Ropes and of course the Safe-T-Pull. It all started just as a product line in a small farm repair shop in Hoople, ND for Kringstad Ironworks. As projects came and went, it grew and eventually moved to its current facility in Park River, ND in 2006.

     In 2014, as Kringstad Ironworks grew and began to specialize in manufacturing larger agriculture and industrial equipment, the decision was made to branch Safe-T-Pull into its own company to better focus on each application. To this day both companies remain family-owned and operated.

We at Safe-T-Pull are proud to carry on the Strong Box name into its 50th year anniversary. We will continue to bring you superior quality in a live bottom bulk beds and semi trailers for years to come!

Photo taken on the day Safe-T-Pull Inc. took over production from B.L. Industries

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