Live-Bottom Belt Boxes

Positive Drive

Our powerful, positive chain-drive belted floor ensures you won't have slippage giving you a fast unload rate that is smooth & gentle.

Sleek Design

Our enclosed side walls give you great aerodynamics & a clean look. It also gives you flex where you want it and strength where you need it.


Easily change between crops with little to no modifications. You will be able to switch from sugar beets to grains in the matter of minutes.

Standard Features
  • Obstruction-free interior

  • Ladder & lookout landing

  • Scraper holder

  • Positive-drive flap-belt chain (30")

  • Aerodynamic enclosed sides

  • Folding side door

  • Clearance and tail lights

  • DOT approved bumper

  • 3/16" plastic liner

  • Professional finishing from auto body

    • Sandblast, primer, caulking, & paint

Additional Options
  • Box lengths of 20', 22' or 24'

  • Side wall heights of 66" or 72"

  • Special paint or top-coat jobs

    • Metallics, multi-color, & decals​

  • Fenders and mud flaps​

  • Mud scrapers between duals

  • Box mounting & installation hardware

  • In cab operator console

  • Shur-Co tarp systems

  • LED Light upgrades

  • Wet kits & gear pumps

  • Frame modifications & stretching

  • Tag & pusher axles

Chain-DriveN Continuous Belt

     A new product of ours is this bulk box that features a live bottom but instead of a flap style chain belt it features a Chain-Driven Continuous Belt.

     It gives you more even product flow, less skinning, no belt slippage and no rollers or bearings to replace.

     Check out the video or call 701-284-6100 with questions!

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