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Prairie Plastics LLC by Safe-T-Pull

   Prairie Plastics is your plastics sheet and bed liner leader in the Red River Valley with over 25 years of experience in the plastic industry.

   We offer HMW and UHMW seamless sheet ranging from 16’ wide to over 100’ long coils, we are also a flat sheet stock supplier and offer multiple shapes of polyethylene to custom fit your applications.

   We have a full fabrication shop with capabilities to machine any kind of plastic part in a range of materials.

Plastic UHMW HWM Liner for a Live Bottom Semi Trailer
Specializing in live bottom, end-dump, & hopper liners!
  • Dump truck & trailer liners

  • Live bottom trailer liners

  • Manure spreader liners

  • HMW rolls cut to size

  • UHMW rolls cut to size

  • Dairy barn walls

  • Combine header sheets

  • Grain trailer liners

  • Hopper bottom liners

  • Urethane chute liners​

  • Hopper liners

  • Hockey shooting pads

  • HDPE truck fenders

  • Roll off containers

   We have a full line of HMW bed liners and UHMW bed liners for end dump trailers, dump trucks, live bottom trailers and manure spreaders. When it comes to plastic we have it all and have seen it all, we see each customer as an important one not too big not too small, please reach out to us today for your bed liner needs!

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