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Chain & Flap Live-Bottom

Bulk Beds & Trailers

Over 50 Years Strong
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    Our powerful, positive chain- drive belted floor ensures you won't have slippage giving you a fast unload rate that is smooth & gentle.

    Our Prairie Slide HMW Linings allow you to haul wet materials such as lime & manure that are known to stick to end-dump walls causing frequent rollover accidents.

    Easily change between crops with no modifications. Switch from sugar beets to grains and back without touching a thing! Every Strong Box live-bottom semi-trailer and bulk bed have a small grains seal installed from the factory.

Strong Box Unique Features
  • Obstruction-free interior

  • DOT approved bumpers

  • Aerodynamic enclosed side walls

  • 3/16" Prairie Slide liner on slopes

  • Small grains seal kit standard on all

  • 667XH chain & heavy duty rubber flap

  • Double planetary gear box drive system

  • Minimal maintenance with only 3 bearings

  • No rollers or friction drive belts to maintain

Bulk Bed Features
  • Box lengths of 20' up to 26'

  • Side wall heights of 66" or 72"

  • Hydraulic side door

    • In cab operator console​

  • Ladder & lookout landing

    • Scraper holder built in

  • Positive-drive flap-belt chain (30")

  • Special paint or top-coat jobs

    • Metallic, multi-color, & decals​

  • Box mounting & installation hardware

    • Fenders and mud flaps​​

  • Shur-Co tarp systems available

  • LED tail lights

Red Bulk Bed Iso 2.jpg
Grey Semi Trailer Iso.jpg
Strong Box Trailer Options
  • Lengths from 38' up to 53'

  • Side wall height options

  • 60", 66", 72" & mix match ​

  • Flap-Belt width options​

    • 30", 36" & 50"​

  • 2-speed Holland landing gear

  • Spring or Air-Ride suspension

  • LED tail lights

  • In cab operator console

  • Multiple axles configurations

    • ABS on one axle

  • Super single with aluminum rims​

  • Full opening hydraulic rear gate

  • customizable options​

  • PTO wet kit systems

    • Electric over hydraulic drives

    • Gas over hydraulic drives

  • Shur-Co tarp systems

    • Manual or Automatic​

  • Professional finishing from auto body

    • Metallic, multi-color, & decals​

  • Automatic rear door linkage​

    • Turns belt on as door opens​

We offer custom end gates and belt widths to fit all your crop needs

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